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Want to move your DataEase DOS apps to Windows, but don't have the budget right now?

We can help by tuning up your old DataEase© DOS apps to fly at peak performance while giving them a roadmap for a future Windows© conversion should you ever finally decide to go that route.

Actually, the importance of going to Windows for databases tends to be overstated. Notice how many commercial applications in places like medical offices, law offices, warehouses and retail stores are still character based, NOT Windows / graphical based?

Even Micro Center, a national retail chain of computer products stores doesn’t use Windows based systems for inventory, cash registers or customer info. Why? Because their character based system gives them just what they need.

As long as you have screens to enter everything that needs to be entered, can search, sort, report that data via any way imaginable, can export or import data to / from any other system, have full security, and a user interface as easy to use as any graphical based system, it may not be necessary to go for the extra expense. The only exceptions would be where images or pictures are required such as real estate or personnel identification type applications. Oh, and if you are ready to convert to a Windows or web based system, we can still help you with that too utilizing the most efficient and cost effective tools available. So give us a call !